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How to help your Parents accept assistance

With age comes several drawbacks. One such drawback is the inability to be as active as they once were. Most children face trouble understanding their parents and often come up with questions such as "how can I help my parents when they claim that it is not required?" "How do I make them understand that asking for help is okay?" "I have mentioned several times that they are not a burden, yet they feel like it. What do I do?”. These questions can spiral into frustration and feeling helpless as a caretaker.Below are a few tips that will help your parents accept assistance.

    Refusing Help

    It's necessary to understand why your parents are refusing help or any assistance from you. The resistance can stem from:

  • Habits: For years together, they have continued doing their chores and have taken care of themselves independently. So, they might deny help, of any kind, purely out of habit. They have fended for themselves long enough.
  • Pride: It is essential to acknowledge that your parents come from a generation where asking for help was not welcomed. Asking for assistance questions their pride.
  • Cost: Parents refuse help because they might feel burdensome and might be an added expense to you.

  • Competency

    Letting them achieve something eases them to feel self-sufficient. Ageing comes with some difficulties. It is unlikely that your parents would be as competent in performing a task. Whether it is climbing stairs, tying shoelaces, etc., if they cannot achieve a goal, they will automatically ask for help.

    Checking often

    Setting a reminder and checking on your parents frequently would make them feel comfortable. Talking about their discomfort while conversing would further aid better understanding and communication of needs.


    If your parents suffer from an illness, ensure sufficient knowledge and understanding about the disease and the necessary details regarding the treatment procedure. So if there are any concerns, your parents will consider seeking assistance.


    Empathising with your parents' problem instead of getting frustrated will nudge them to ask for help without any hesitation. Upon doing that, they feel heard and understood, not seen as trouble. Emotional care for the elderly is as significant as physical care.

    United Front Approach

    Considering a united front approach can play a vital role. Addressing genuine concerns with viable solutions such as senior care homes if they feel they are a burden would make them realise that it is in their best interests to gain assistance. It is undoubtedly challenging, but a fruitful approach as staying happy and healthy is a solution for most problems.

    Involving a Healthcare Professional

    Involving a doctor if the resistance remains persistent is another way to help your parents accept assistance. Anything a doctor says denotes a higher value. One inevitably respects any suggestion doctors put forward and are also often open to them. It would make them realise the situation they currently are in is grave. Getting assistance would be necessary under any pretence.

    Encouraging Physical Activity

    Exercising can go a long way in helping your ageing parents endure a healthy and fit lifestyle. Let the caregiver control the light workouts, physiotherapy for better muscle movement, walking or yoga. Physical exercise uplifts mood, organ functionality, and strength. It helps lessen the risk of falling with intensified flexibility, stability, and coordination.

    Hiring a Nursing Attendant

    A nursing attendant can make your parents’ life and your life easier to manage. The nurse with his/her special training will be well equipped to deal with your parents' emotional and medical needs in a much more efficient way. Owing to their medical expertise, they can alert the concerned authorities in case of an emergency. Taking good care of your ageing parents’ rightly indicates providing the most compassionate elderly care resolutions. Accommodating these tips along with bestowing love, care and compassion towards your ageing parents can improve their life span and state of life. Radiant Home Health Services provides first-class services as they move beyond healthcare to improve your quality of life. Get in touch with us for extraordinary services for your loved ones.

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