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5 Steps to make Home Elder Friendly

Caring for elderly is not only challenging, but also an extremely rewarding job. At Radiant Home Health Services, our trained staffs put in their heart and soul in taking care of your parents & grand-parents. Having cared for thousands of elderly through several years, we have come to realise that the lives of senior citizens can be made much easier through a few hacks to make the home more elder-friendly which will help them to carry out their day to day tasks on their own

  • 1. Due to weaker bones and hand-eye co-ordination, elders are more prone to fall related accidents. To avoid this, ensure the floors, bath, and showers to are non-skid by keeping the area dry and using non-skid mats.
  • 2. One of the most crucial safety features in any bathroom is a grab bar. In showers they offer support while bathing, and also can assist getting up and down from a toilet. It is very easy to install grab bars at home.
  • 3. Well-arranged and labeled cupboards help them overcome memory related challenges and makes day to day activities easier.
  • 4. Minimum Stairs, leveled surfaces and ability to accommodate ramp inside and out and accessibility of wheelchairs & walkers if necessary.
  • 5. A clinical study (Mayo clinical study) has proven that Dogs are hearts best friend. Pets reduce lonely feeling within the elder people, it keeps elders more active, reduces stress and keeps elders a healthy living.

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