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Assistance and Convenience Services

Facility Management

Any facility disruption at home can negatively impact patient care and will largely decrease the comfort and convenience of patients. However, the job of finding the right people at the right time to address these issues is not easy. The headache and hassle of looking for plumbers and electricians can be too much of an added stress. This is where Radiant Home Health Services plays a vital role in making sure that every facility at your home is repaired and maintained in time so that the patients & their families face minimum problems in this regard.

Once a request is placed Radiant arranges for its service person to attend to the requirement within 24 hours of the request.

We strive to provide high-class hospital like infrastructure for patient care at your home such as appropriate beds, bed side commodes & basic medical equipments.

Concierge Service

Due to your pre occupation or busy schedule you may not be able to meet the emotional and social needs of your parents.

On signing up with Radiant Home Health Services, you can be rest assured that the social & emotional needs of your ailing parent or your family members can be fulfilled. Towards this end, Radiant Home Health Services provides concierge services  including conveyance, to hospitals/clinics, places of worship, place of work, entertainment places like cinemas, attending parties, visiting a friends place etc , for your beloved ones.

Our staff can accompany them for a pleasant day out. Visiting the office to complete any long-pending jobs or going to the bank to finish an overdue transaction can easily be done by patients with the assistance of our concierge services. Our concierge services ensure that a disabled or unwell child can attend an important class or sit for a vital examination without having to lose a year due to disability or sickness.

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