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Board of Directors

Radiant Home Health Services has an illustrious Board of Directors who are committed to take this pioneering Home Healthcare Organization to newer heights of professionalism focusing on client satisfaction.

Colonel David Devasahayam (Retd) , Chairman and Managing Director, Radiant Group of Companies.

David Devasahayam

A former senior instructor in the Directorate General of Security, Cabinet Secretariat, Col David Devasahayam has also commanded a Training Center and two battalions of the Indian Army. Being a hardcore professional, and the CMD of the Radiant Group of Companies, he brings meticulous direction and pioneering vision to Radiant, making the organization focus fully on client satisfaction. Col David Devasahayam saw the  huge market potential of Home Health Care Services in our Country as also the need to provide health care services to customers in the comfort of their homes. This became the catalyst for the birth of Radiant Home Health Services.

Dr. Renuka David, Managing Director, Radiant Medical Services

Renuka David

Dr. Renuka David, the MD of Radiant, has had a long and illustrious career spanning a period of almost two decades. An MBBS graduate from Coimbatore Medical College, Dr. Renuka married Col David Devasahayam, the Ex-Army Officer and renowned life style specialist.  She is also awell-known healthcare professional who has always been passionate about improving the home healthcare scenario in India while also contributing to the company’s business strategy.

Mr. Krishnamurthy, Director, Radiant Home Health Services – USA


Krishna Murthy is a Director at Radiant Home Health Services. He is a graduate of the National Defence Academy (India) and served as an officer in the Indian Army before migrating to the United States. Krishna has a background in engineering, planning and business with an MBA from Columbia Business School, MS (Civil Engineering) from City University of New York and MS (City & Regional Planning) from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Capt.R.G. Prakasam (Retd), Director, Radiant Medical Services – Chennai

Capt. R.G. Prakasam

Capt. R.G. Prakasam gives the Radiant Medical Services the much needed leadership and organisational direction, immensely contributing towards strategic planning and administration. He passionately steers the operational goals of the Radiant Home Health Services. Highly motivated and a dynamic serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. He has Held various positions in different locations in Indian Army. He is also a member of Rotary Club International.

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