Pharmacy & Diagnostic Lab Services

It is very difficult for the patient’s family to continuously visit the pharmacy and bring home all the essentials and medicines needed by the patient on a regular basis. This is where we play a vital role by providing Pharmacy Services at home. Radiant Home Health Services, arranges for all medicines, injections & care essentials, to be delivered to the patient’s home, 24 x 7.

Things that an Aged Parent or a Recovering Patient Needs on a Regular Basis:
  • Medicines
  • Injections
  • Health Supplements
  • Fiber Supplements
  • Medicated Powders
  • Diapers
  • Underpads / Sheets
  • Oilcloths
  • Cotton
  • Plastic Gloves (Hand Care of Nurses or Caregivers)
  • Rubber Gloves (For Hygienic Cleaning)
  • Blood Glucose Test Strips
  • Medicated Cleaning Wipes
  • Hot Water Bags
  • Diapers and Sheet Disposal Bags

Most of the above mentioned items are needed everyday and get used up on a regular basis. A regular replenishment of the stock is needed without lapse, which becomes too difficult for the family members to purchase and deliver since they have lives and professions of their own to manage. Home delivery of these items comes as a big help to the patient’s family. In case of patients or aged parents living alone, doorstep-delivery of medicines, injections, and all other care essentials is an absolute necessity for their treatment, upkeep and well being.

Patients with restricted mobility, post-surgical or bedridden patients, and disabled or aged parents find it impossible to visit the diagnostic center for running routine or emergency pathological tests like blood, urine, and stool tests. Radiant Home Health Services arranges for lab services to visit the patient at home and collect the necessary samples for getting them tested at reputed diagnostic laboratories. Subsequently, it is our responsibility to procure the test reports at the scheduled time and inform the concerned doctors about the findings.

The job of sample collection, submission to pathological centers, procurement of test reports, and buying of medicinal and non-medicinal supplies will be professionally handled by Radiant Home Health services without any reminders.

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