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These days, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to keep tabs on your health. Regular check-ups are especially essential for both young and old. Without warning, you might require the expertise of a doctor in case of fevers, diseases, chronic illness, etc. Not seeing a doctor in time can elevate the threat that a health issue pose, and can lead to further complications that demand a hospital visit. The best, and easiest way to avoid this is not to delay when symptoms being to arise. The next time you or a loved one needs to consult with a doctor, why not do it at home? If leaving the comfort of familiar surroundings to visit a clinic or hospital are uphill battles, Radiant Home Health services’ doctors will come to you.

Research has shown that patients recover quicker in a familiar environment than they do in a hospital. Radiant Home Health Services facilitates physician services for patients with health issues who find it challenging to get to a doctor’s office or are bed-ridden and incapable of traveling. This involves having an experienced doctor visit the patient at their home either on a regular basis or in the event of any emergency.

 The physician shall, on the very first visit, assess the condition of the patient, check on their treatment plan, lab reports, medicines & past care provided, and also monitor the patient’s progress. Afterward, based on the condition of the patient, they provide on the spot care, arrange an appointment with a qualified specialist, or recommend hospitalization; whichever is deemed necessary.

Radiant Home Health Services’ general physicians are available for emergency visits and consultation around the clock and in your times of need. These experienced, qualified, and highly competent doctors offer appropriate and timely advice that could greatly ease the patient’s discomfort and the family’s helpless worry. Regular visits from the physicians ensure on-time checkups and thorough monitoring, thus making certain that the patient’s condition is stable, or the recovery is on the right track.

Regular Home Visit by a General Physician provided by Radiant Home Health Services enables patients and their families to:
  • Save money, time & effort
  • Preclude moving of patients to a hospital or a clinic
  • Have hassle-free checkups even with restricted mobility
  • Receive personal attention of the doctor for almost an hour
  • Schedule visits at a convenient time
  • Interact with the doctor regarding the patients health status
In order to have a General Physician visit you or your loved one at your home, you just need to make a call or make an Appointment for scheduling the in-home visit.
  • Doctors working with Radiant usually have almost 5 years of clinical experience on an average.
  • Each doctor is strictly supervised by an experienced specialist or senior doctor.
  • Every doctor with Radiant Home Health Services is a registered member of a accreditation body (Indian Medical Association – IMA )
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