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Elder Care Services in chennai

Elder care, or senior care, is a subset of general care that is tailored to meet the needs of senior citizens at different stages of their lives. It generally starts to become a growing concern when your loved ones being to find it difficult to accomplish simple day-to-day activities (collectively referred to as ADLs) such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, getting dressed, cleaning themselves, walking, eating, etc. It puts emphasis on the personal needs of senior citizens who need some assistance with ADLs and healthcare. Although old age itself is no reason to consider this form of care, it is the varied physical disabilities and diseases definitely are. Even though a majority of seniors still live with their family and their care is provided by those closest to them. However, there are still many instances when most of us are too busy with work and are unable to properly cater to and care for the ones that need us.

Elder care needs to be addressed as soon as the warning signs appear. Not acting in time can have serious consequences. The requirement for senior home care often comes at a moment’s notice; situations such as your loved one recovering from a broken him or recent stroke, or suffering from cognitive and or physical stress can be a task to manage, especially if they are by themselves. Close family or trained physicians tend to be the earliest to see signs that require the need for a conversation about how they will be properly tended to, both physically and mentally. It is important to create a customized care routine based on the type of health conditions the patient is in, how severe they are, and any complications that arise in the future. 

Radiant’s home care services aim to put your minds at ease, with the knowledge that your loved ones are well cared for, even when you cannot be around. The team offers its home care services in and around Chennai to help you and your loved ones comfortably navigate these turbulent waters, help expedite a speedy recovery, and be present at a moment’s notice in times of need.

Our Other Best Services
  • Help elders have a fulfilling day by planning activities of their interest and choice.
  • Coordinate Lab Tests and Doctors Visits in chennai.
  • Wellness and Diet Counselling
  • Concierge services to include accompanying elders for a walk or to the bank or temple etc.
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