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Simple steps for preventing falls in the elderly

It’s a fact that falling could adversely change your life. Most of the times you’ve fallen down, you’ve probably got back up and brushed it off. Sometimes, however, depending on a variety of factors, it could lead to a serious injury or even a permanent disability and bed rest. Increased age only heightens the danger present and making sure you don’t fall down is critical. Even so, it isn’t inevitable and you shouldn’t have to spend all your time worrying about it. Here are some simple steps for fall prevention, especially falls in the elderly, although it’s relevant for everybody.

    Causes of falling

    Let us first see what are the things that can make you fall. It may seem fairly obvious in retrospect, but if you’ve fallen before think about how, why, and what you have done to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. There are so many different types of falls, and the impact mostly depends on the angle, height, surrounding environment, etc. Some of the causes could be side effects of your medication, getting up too fast from bed resulting in dizziness from low blood pressure, slipping on smooth surfaces or spilt liquids, muscle weakness, balance problems, tripping on objects, and so on. It’s important not to get overwhelmed, and to focus on what you can do to stop it. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you prevent falls in the elderly.

  • Fall Prevention

    With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging, it’s often wiser to stay at home for most of the day. Here are some changes you can make for yourself around the house to make it safer and easier to navigate.

    Increase the lighting so you can always clearly see where you’re going.

    Make sure the floor isn’t too smooth - cover it in rugs, vinyl floor stickers, or non-stick mats if you must.

    Wear rubber slippers around wet areas in the house like the bathroom or kitchen

    Install a nightlight next to your bed and grab bars in the bathroom and around the house.

    Keep everyday items like books or crockery within easy reach.

    Use furniture that is easy to get in and out of- make sure that your beds are at the right height for you.

    Clear clutter around the house and make sure that no small objects or wires are running across walking areas.

    Don’t be intimidated by assistive devices for walking or other support, and definitely use them if necessary.

    As a last note, always make sure to keep your phone on your person at all times. You can also check out our blog on steps to make home elder-friendly.

  • Personal health

    Taking care of yourself and staying healthy can greatly enhance fall prevention strategies. This includes taking your medication on time, decreasing any smoking and alcohol habits, and going to regular tests and checkups at the clinic. Unnoticed changes in eyesight, hearing, and blood pressure are a significant risk.

    Daily exercise, proper water intake, regular sleep patterns, and a balanced diet would be ideal. Physical fitness and exercise are incredibly important and help keep many medical issues - such as Type 2 Diabetes, and Cancer - at bay. While regular walking and jogging should be fine, make sure to check with your doctor before starting any new exercises or activities.

  • What to do if you fall

    If you do fall, do not panic. Everything is most likely fine, and being anxious will not help. Don't make any sudden movements and try to sit up if you can. The most important step here is to reach your phone and call for assistance.

    You can call your friends and family, or just directly call the ambulance for the nearest hospital depending on the severity. If you’re in Chennai, you can also call Radiant Home Health Services and we will make sure you’re in the best hands.

  • At your service, always

    We understand that doing all of this by yourself can be quite overwhelming and that it may not always be possible for your loved ones to assist 24/7 or even be close by. Radiant Home Health Services offers you the best support for the elderly in Chennai, whether it’s constant medical care and support needed, or driving to different hospitals and clinics for regular check-ups and tests. We are here to make your life easier. Check out our various services offered, and choose which ones fit you and your loved ones the best!

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